Community Empowerment

Community Empowermant

Establish a model community to use quantitative and/or qualitative indicators to recruit professional volunteers and professional organizations to assist in the following tasks.

Current Challenges

According to the United Nations, women spend 90% of their income on household food, health care, and education, compared with 30 to 40% for men. If the mother controls the household budget, the child has a 20% increased chance of survival. Most studies show that women are more likely to reinvest income they have in their children's education and are willing to make time to improve their skills for a better salary; so they can spend more time with their children. According to other research groups, investing in and empowering women has the most positive impact on all aspects of society.

For historical and traditional reasons, women in rural Africa have more difficulty earning an income or finding a job than men. Most jobs and sources of income are in cities, where men enter, while rural women stay in the village to take care of households and children. The current world capital system, whether government or corporate, is working together to drive up inflation and exponentially depreciate currencies, which massively affects the purchasing power of ordinary people, especially in poorer parts of the world, because wages Did not increase the same ratio.  This is forcing more and more families to move off the land and into the cities.

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We believe that equipping women with skills to produce their own nutritious food and supplemental income can reduce the stress on people from these basic needs. Permaculture can also help people achieve more food security and deal with the potential financial collapse that could also occur due to these entities, preventing food supply chains from disrupting and leading to famine.

Since 2019, we have achieved initial results and now take this project to a new level, in the multiple indicators of sustainable living and agricultural diversity, to build preliminary business and demonstration sites for different indicators, showing how to model and improve the living standards of families in the region. Substantially improve food diversity and life skills.

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We promote different projects to help more women.