Women are still the most vulnerable group of people in this impoverished area. Take the tailoring program as an example, which provides women with interest-free loans, allowing many women to own a tailoring machine. The Covid-19 epidemic has exacerbated the difficulties of life, and more innovative ways are needed to solve the problems. This is a positive method that has been constantly adjusted due to many failed poverty alleviation cases in the past.

The courses of the tailor training center planned by women are still carried out continuously through local churches, local NGOs, and social enterprises. The piloted microfinancing project entered an attempt at system management. The change is to become a long-term and low-cost "lending relationship" with each other, guaranteed by the local church or neighbors, rather than donations, allowing women to hold such tools. Instead of being used to pay off previous debts because of the difficulties of life, and can continue living. And we will also introduce the information system for this kind of work so that this kind of goodwill can be managed and tracked.

Project major operating method

Loan mechanism of trained women

Agriculture, Tailoring / 12 installments per year

Farmers use microfinance as a project goal, or increase production equipment and materials in the community, provide crop storage solutions, and establish a repayment mechanism as a social enterprise model and operate with contract farming to stabilize production. (For every 30 communities, each community provides a financial fund of 10,000USD)

Material use and technology development

The lending of tools and materials for rural poverty women after training. Beehives, Tailoring Machines, Hoes (promoted quarterly by plan).
Tailoring training (3 months per period) / weaving training (once a year) / providing seeds and agricultural tools, and Substitute farming.
The funds invested in this program are then invested in women's strength training courses to achieve multiple benefits.

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Most importantly, we plan to hold educational permaculture activities at demonstration sites at regular times to further promote and disseminate knowledge locally. And local news media were invited by Makerere University to participate in these events to gain more exposure.

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