Training courses

Training Courses 

2 billion people, including 33% of children, do not receive enough life nutrition to reach their full potential and confront the disease. "Hidden hunger" is a chronic lack of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that whole foods provide. Filling the stomach only provides basic energy for activity, and hidden hunger keeps people from escaping extreme poverty. It causes children to miss school, and adults from developing chronic diseases, and might even make children become orphaned.

So far, nutrient-dense diets seem out of reach for the poor. Empowerment courses focus on organic farming and hope that everyone can grow up healthy. Simply put, train and cultivate people to grow an abundance of healthy, organic, disease-resistant food and medicinal plants through organic farming courses. With knowledge, simple tools, and starting seeds, people who can't afford healthy food can grow their own -- sustainable. We turn these courses into agricultural empowerment project because healthy growth is the key of nurturing the next generation.

Master plans

  • Diversity Nursery & Training Courses
  • Agriculture Curriculum Promotes Diversified Farming (Community Farming Project)

Training in tailoring, agricultural techniques, and life-enhancing skills. Soil, compost, beekeeping, mushroom farming, diversified agriculture, guide management goals with community market, guide production with professional knowledge education with contract farming, and build knowledge and productivity.
Promote permaculture through diverse nursery bases, combined with natural composting and soil maintenance. Construct composting process and record yield variance.

  • Sustainable Education and Community Cooperation
  • Home Scale Kitchen and Marketing Garden (Family Farming Program)

Home compost is used to grow crops and produce crops that can be sold in local markets. The data we recorded are: X variants; X kg vegetable crops.

Community Collaboration

To accomplish this, an educational system must be established.
This will be held in communities in the form of educational seminars and will be promoted to international NGOs and churches in conjunction with the local premier university, Makerere University. Additionally, we can also give
 brochures introducing the systems and procedures to visitors to each sustainability demonstration project site.

Weaving and Tailoring Project

This project is an advanced course, that teaches tailoring skills and business bookkeeping. Since 2019, the project has been promoted in poor communities with Makerere University, the altissimo university in Uganda, and has timely purchased local handicrafts for sale in developing countries.

Tailoring Project

200 people/tailoring skills/three months per issue/four issues per year
Location: slums, and refugee camps

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Most importantly, we plan to hold educational permaculture activities at demonstration sites at regular times to further promote and disseminate knowledge locally. And local news media were invited by Makerere University to participate in these events to gain more exposure.

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