Our influence and the strategy of assessment and monitoring

  • Effectiveness

    It is planned to be in African countries/regions with the goal of improving the women's financial condition in rural areas . We established the platform of information management, in order to maintain the evaluation consistency of the  plan in different regions. Ensure that our plan is best performed in each area of service. In order to assure the implementation of the plan, we also hold weekly online meetings and collect key performance indicators (KPI). These data (such as the percentage of repayment or participation in training) is to check which part of the operations faces challenges, so that we can revise the operation method in a short time and make sure the results reach our expectations .

  • Evaluation

    We have the responsibility to prove the impact of our intervention to women and donors. The measure is to prove our basic impact on the lives of women in rural areas, promote the goals of various projects, and accurately return with financial information and impact evaluation  (teaching and resources aid). According to our data and the standards of sustainable development of the United Nations, and understand the overall impact of each process to make the resources distribution and decision-making for the best benefits.

  • Learning

    Through analyzing data, we adjust the distribution of sources and create modularized mechanism. In order to fulfill the most needed of women from every poverty countryside.

  • Development

    According to the management goals at different stages, quantify work effectiveness into data, lay out future plans, provide corresponding intervention models, and work hard for better results.