Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Changes in women's lives and communities.
Bring positive influence to the world and create a better future

Mission and Vision

We exist to care for women in rural areas in Africa and improve their living and health conditions. By upgrading infrastructure and providing vocational training, we help women improve their work skills and get out of poverty. We believe that women are the cornerstone of change. The transformation of a woman’s life can lead to the reversal of a family and even a community.

  • 23 Boreholes.
  • 149,000 Girls received Menstrual Hygiene and Health Training.
  • 6 Renovated classrooms


Our Vision

Everyone can have adequate and fair sanitary conditions; women learn the skill. We promote microfinancing development and let rural families break away from extreme poverty.

Blueprint for future

Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their targets issued by the United Nations to eradicate all kinds of poverty and hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, provide clean and safe water, ensure the health and well-being of women and children, and help 1 million women out of menstrual poverty by 2030.