Could you imagine girls in rural areas of Africa drop out because they cannot afford sanitary supplies? Child died because of lacking clean water? Even having a stable and safe classroom is a dream that cannot be reached.

In poor countryside, they are widows, or abandoned by their husbands. They have no living skills and also are economically weak. Women have a low social status, but they must assume the responsibility of caring for children.

In the traditional culture of southern country and third world, what surrounded rural villages with poverty and tough farming work mostly are women. Love Binti pushing Women empower Project and eyes on helping their basic needs for the menstrual period of women from the poor countryside in the third world. We also provide training assistance to lighten the double pressure of households and farming. Strengthen women’s attendance of society and economic and seeking positive and effective solutions for poverty issues.

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Make difference for their life.

Three major models for the main division of service in Africa area are the fundamental type WaSH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), the aiding type Cornerstone, and the developmental type rural Community Empowerment.。


WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene abbreviation) WASH is a key issue in development assistance, the focus of sustainable development, and is the basis for all plans as well. Bring clean water to communities living in extreme poverty areas and promote environmental sanitation, public health and physical hygiene.

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Community Empowerment

The plan focuses on women empowering, understanding the difficult living conditions of the rural environment, and then establishing microenterprises to impart knowledge and skills to women from low-developed rural areas. Help them safely feed their families and support communities, and establish links to women's networks to support each other.

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The "Cornerstone" is taken from the Bible. The plan is to build buildings and education that are economical, safe, eco-friendly and environmental sustainable for extremely poor communities that lack infrastructure. Including school buildings, community centers and agricultural storehouses, as well as the construction of carbon-reducing stoves that actively improve the environment. And foster talents, so that people can have life and professional skills. And invest future resources in the environment and community.

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We walked into remote African villages, accompanied and acted to change the plight of women and children.

Classroom renovation

Maria, 14 years old

I know to love girls because they put cement on the floors at school. There was no concrete floor before, and the dust on the ground caused smoke to make people cough. Termites also regularly destroy our books and desks. To make matters worse, sand fleas as parasitic could crawl into our feet at any time.

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A blessing Changes poverty

Supporting Love Binti’s national aiding by donating; a piece of reusable pad, sewing educational opportunities of a girl; a workshop to bring blessings to mothers, help one family after another, and finally see every girls become a mother, achieve a family, and encourage a generation.