We improve and connect the community with water resources, classrooms, and public facilities. These facilities will lay the foundation for the development of the community. Combining church and school resources, focusing on public interests and establishing systems, building toilets, and technical training centers, assisting in the construction of communities and supporting diversified agricultural projects, guiding and cooperating with other organizations to promote large-scale public welfare projects, alleviating poverty by taking the community as a whole, and becoming the cornerstone of development for extremely poor communities.

The importance of infrastructure

The "Cornerstone" was taken from the Bible; it was the first big stone at the foundation when building a house, and it is the topic of piles of stones. The plan is to build buildings and education that are economical, safe, eco-friendly, and environmentally sustainable for extremely poor communities that lack infrastructure. Including school buildings, community centers, and agricultural storehouses, as well as the construction of carbon-reducing stoves that actively improve the environment. And foster talents, so that people can have life and professional skills. And invest future resources in the environment and community.
 The facilities are extremely lacking, and the Cornerstone Project will help build the primary hardware needed in the country.

Schools, vocational training centers, stoves that focus on the public interests of the development of the community, assist in the construction of the community to promote a friendly environment, and establish a mechanism to promote the development of the community。Supporting diversified planting agricultural projects, guiding and cooperating with other organizations to promote large-scale public welfare projects, taking the community as the overall benefit has become the goal and vision of poverty alleviation assistance, and has become the cornerstone of the development of extremely poor communities.


Love Binti team created an innovative method by using local natural materials to reduce using concrete, renovate classrooms to provide shelter for childern learning; make carbon neutral stoves for mothers, improve stove burning efficiency, and help mothers no longer breathe in the lethal black smoke.

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Through Love Binti and the help of all parties, we push different projects in order to help more women!